AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited Childrens Girls Boys Teens Lightweight Foldable Portable Wired Headsets for School Airplane Travel Cellphones Tablets(Black Orange)

AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited Childrens Girls Boys Teens Lightweight Foldable Portable Wired Headsets for School Airplane Travel Cellphones Tablets(Black Orange)


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10 Review(s) for "AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited Childrens Girls Boys Teens Lightweight Foldable Portable Wired Headsets for School Airplane Travel Cellphones Tablets(Black Orange)"

Coda Zon
Ok, I admit it. I bought these because I love the colors, but I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent sound quality. They're so much better than earbud. I wear them all day long at work, so after a few hours they become a little bit uncomfortable. Otherwise, I think these are a great purchase, and would definitely recommend them to a friend.
Audrey A. Rice, 01.07.2017
Coda Zon
I've had these headphones for about 4 months now, and so far they've been decent at best. The audio jack was a bit covered in excess plastic which I had to cut off in order to plug in properly. I had discomfort from wearing them probably 2 to 3 hours into listening through them, but I'm not too sure if that's because of its design or if it's because my head is kinda big. The multifunction button and mic work fine. I think the internal wiring has started to break because if the jack gets bent a certain way it'll fade out, but it's still functioning alright. For the price, they're pretty good headphones. I'd recommend these for children or people with maybe a slightly smaller head on a budget for headphones.
ANichi, 24.05.2017
Coda Zon
Item actually came early. Packaged very well and work perfectly. They are a little tight on an adult head but I imagine they will stretch out a bit. Love the leather. I have allergies to different synthetic materials and these don't bother my face or ears at all. The cord is covered (like a shoe string) which is a great feature that I haven't seen before in headphones. No more bent, frayed spots in the wire. The color is vibrant and beautiful. I think my daughter wants to swipe them but I'll just have to get her a pair. I like mine!
mountaindoll51, 20.02.2017
Coda Zon
These are actually on-ear, not over-ear. I felt the distinction was necessary for comfort reasons--On-ear headphones make my ears sore after a while from pressing onto my ears, so for extended use I don't see myself using them, hence the four stars. Otherwise it's a very good product-- I do use them for Skype conversations for work, which is the main reason I bought mic headphones, and the orange color is REALLY REALLY bright, like neon-level. The collapsibility is nice for storage. I'll be looking into getting Over-Ear pads that fit these for comfort purposes.
Cristina, 29.01.2017
Coda Zon
Could easily be a 5 star product for others, but I had to deduct a star as it puts a lot of pressure on your ears making it harder to wear for more than 3 hours at a time, and I bought these for use at my home computer.But for the price, they are very good headphones and deliver nice sound quality, while allowing you to still hear others. I live with my grandparents and so it's important that I hear them if they yell up to me from downstairs.
Alyssa, 11.01.2017
Light weight is what I wanted. I want to listen to news radio on my way to and from work. My Sony piece is great but it is a bit heavy on my standard. The ear cupping is not as comfy as my Sony. It is a bit small and tight. The exterior starts showing wear and tear. I guess it is because I always leave it in my backpack scratching with other items when it is not on my head. I have no complain about sound quality (for just listening to news radio?).It has being traveling with my ever since the day I received it.
Manlin, 06.12.2016
They look great, very stylish, sleek and very modern. The sound is just crystal clear,It has In-line microphone, so you can easily take calls. It also has In-line control. You can play/pause or answer calls by pressing in-line button.
JL, 06.12.2016
A few months back I left a pretty scathing review of this headset. In those few months I have now racked up 40k miles flying with them and can now give an update on how they are doing.

First, they still look cool and the cloth cord does keep it from tangling. I like that. I've been folding it up after every use and haven't seen any wear on them. As far as the audio is concerned the scratchiness and tininess that was on my computer I have not experienced that on my ipad or phone. The mic has also remained clear and crisp. That's one thing I hadn't had a chance to try out before. Now, I still think the headset is made for smaller ears but I found out the hard way that I really can't walk the street with them on as I had a hard time hearing the traffic.

Lastly, the pain that I mentioned from wearing them too long has also subsided. Either I got use to them or they stretched just a bit. I can wear them now for an 8 hr plane ride and not have to remove them. In fact, I even turned down the Bose headset on my flight back from Auckland because I felt these were doing a really great job in relation to the noise cancelling Bose ones.

They look nice and the cloth cord is cool. That would be where the pros stop for me.
Benjamin D. Uecker, 06.12.2016
I got this Ailihen I35 stereo lightweight foldable headphones adjustable headband for my daughter. I super love the color combination. It is super cute! I have 3 children with different ages and different taste but they all like to listen to music and watch movies so I got them headphone to resolve this issue and to give me peace. Now everyone can listen and watch whatever they want without bothering each other. The super cute design makes it comfortable to wear it even for long periods of time. The folding design makes it convenient to carry and super easy to put it away inside a purse or bag without have to be worry about them breaking. The genuine leather earmuffs are super soft and they provide excellent noise-cancellation. It is also important that she can use it with many devices. This headphone is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices like Android smartphones, IPhone, PC, laptop, MP3/MP4, tablet and many more. I strongly recommend this product. I would have no hesitation buying this item again or as a present for someone!
S.K , 04.11.2016
My daughter is digging these over the ear, lightweight, foldable headphones. They have a fun range of colors and don't squeeze too tightly, which is a huge deal breaker for my 12yo. These are a great size for younger kids and tweens who are too old for big, babyish looking headphones.
1. Ergonomic Design For Comfort
2. Excellent Noise-cancelling
3. Easy controls
We haven't had any problems with them yet.

These are soft and comfortable and have decent sound for the price. We tried them with Android Phones and iPhones and they worked fine, though my daughter rarely uses them on phone calls. She does play her phone music through them constantly. I was given a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own. Recommended.
zbluesun , 04.11.2016

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