AILIHEN C8 Lightweight Foldable Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control - Blue

AILIHEN C8 Lightweight Foldable Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control - Blue

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Mfr Part Number: C8-Blackblue

  • 1. High compatible for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Laptop, Mac, DVD players and many other audio devices

  • 2. Equipped with 40mm dynamic elements for an extended frequency response, these headsets feature softly padded headband,leatherette ear cushions that seal the ears to improve bass performance, block outside noise, and minimize sound leakage

  • 3. If you’re listening to music on your phone, sooner or later someone’s going to call. No problem. Take it (or ignore it) with one button on the inline mic/remote. Your music will wait. The remote also provides music control and more for most Android™ devices

  • 4.The use of protein genuine leather earmuff, make it comfortable for long time wearing


Frequency response:20-2000Hz. 
Speaker dimensions:40mm. 
Speaker impedance:32ohm . 
Driver Diameter:40mm 
Cable length:1.5m 
Jack :3.5mm 


1 * Headphone 
1 * User Manual/Warranty Card


7 Review(s) for "AILIHEN C8 Lightweight Foldable Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control - Blue"

This was the best $9.99 I've spent in a long time. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ Sound is great. Great quality.
Danielle Carr, 08.12.2016
Great product. They don't block out ALL sound. But the quality is good for the price. The headphones fold up nicely and produce good sound quality.
JC, 08.12.2016
they are well made and look like they will hold up to a lot of use. The ear pads are amazingly comfortable. i can wear them for a long time and they don't bother my head or ears at all. The sound is very good. my music comes out clear and pleasant.
Shamond Cozine, 06.12.2016
The experience I've had with this headset I'd say it's an amazing product for its value. The headset has pretty high quality audio so I was able to listen to music while playing my games. These are pretty awesome headphones all around and are some of the most comfortable I've worn. I wanted an over the ear headset that doesn't completely enclose around my ears so I can hear people in the office while still jamming out. For that purpose, these are perfect. I use it for a lot of YouTube videos and it works great, high quality too. It has noise cancellation too, which is a plus.
maclover, 06.12.2016
My kid LOVES these and he's very picky. For starters, he loves the color. The look of them is very stylish. He says the sound is great and they are super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. He likes the sound quality as well and says his music sounds great on them. What I love about these headphones is that when he has his music on super loud and he's in the same room as me I can't hear it! For moms with teens/preteens you know how great it is not to hear your kids music lol. These seem to be made very well and oil to be a great quality. Overall we are both VERY happy with these headphones.
Mommyof3, 05.12.2016
I purchased these headphones via Prime shipping and received them in 2 days packaged in a small shipping box, very easy to open. The headphones are orange and black in color, had no scent to them and made of hard plastic. I purchased these headphones for my father because he does not like the ear buds and I picked this color because they are the colors of his favorite baseball team! What he loved about them is: they fold up easily so they fit in my mom's carry on bag and store without taking up a lot of room, they adjust on the side( because his head is a little larger :) , the ear part is super padded and comfortable for hours of wear and the sound that comes from his iPad and iPhone is super clear and crisp. I also tried them and had the same results as my father, I prefer this type of headphone for comfort and they stay on when running, with the earbuds I have had issues with them consistently falling out when I run. They come in a nice display box which makes a nice gift for any child or adult. Thanks for making such a great product. I definitely recommend this product!
michelle butrim, 05.12.2016
We purchased 2 of these as holiday gifts for teenagers in need. They arrived quickly! As it was the only item on their lists, I wanted to make sure to get nice ones. I read many online reviews before purchasing and these seem to be a solid pair. I won't be using them personally - so I can not attest to quality.
Karen M. Cohn, 05.12.2016

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