Ailihen X2 Sports Earbuds Headphones with Microphone for Running Workout Gym Wired Sweatproof Noise Isolating - Dark Green

Ailihen X2 Sports Earbuds Headphones with Microphone for Running Workout Gym Wired Sweatproof Noise Isolating - Dark Green

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  • 1. Compatible with all iPhone, Android smartphones, tablets, Mac, laptop, computers, MP3/4 players and audio devices with a 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone jack

  • 2. Ergonomically designed to fit different ears canel and to avoid nerve rich areas in the ear. These workout headphones have an over the ear design so that it stays secure when you’re running, exercising, jogging

  • 3. Three pairs of ear tips replacements in different sizes(S/M/L) comes in the package so you can choose one that fits you best for more comfortable wear. Features in line mic for music and hands free calls control. Performing clear sound and noise isolation

 Designed For Small Ear And Sport Life 

The best small earphones for you are the ones that are comfortable to the point that you can almost overlook you are wearing them. The correct size of small earbuds ensures that they neither bring about a squeezing feeling nor do they drop out, slipping out of the ears. A pair of comfortable fitting earphones ought to fit cozily inside your ear waterway without any twist or turn. 

AILIHEN X2 earbuds for small ears can be the good fit for outdoor activities for you and others too.

Active Sport Life 

With Sweat-proof deign for those who live an active lifestyle, and a whole lot more.

Sound Quality

Featuring performance-enhanced 10 mm drivers, the sound of these sports headphones is clear and crisp. They are good for listening to music during workouts, as well as listening to audio books during the commute. 

Comfort and Secure Fit

AILIHEN X2 earbuds are comfortable to wear even for hours on end. A package includes several pairs of ear tips in different sizes (S/M/L) so you can choose the one that would best fit you. Earbuds have an over-the-ear design so that it stays secure even when you move around a lot.

More Than Less

Built-in microphones with Rich stereo sound ensures music is heard clearly, so you don't miss a beat when training. Earphones with integral microphone for hands free voice calling.




32 Review(s) for "Ailihen X2 Sports Earbuds Headphones with Microphone for Running Workout Gym Wired Sweatproof Noise Isolating - Dark Green"

Coda Zon
Very solid earphones. I use them for the gym all the time and so far have proven to be the most durable and comfortable earphones I have tried.
Ed, 04.07.2017
Coda Zon
Excellent sound quality for the price. This was my 2nd set ordered for convenience.
J A - SW USA, 03.07.2017
Coda Zon
They work well
Valid opinion, 30.06.2017
Coda Zon
Do their job well, look good, and stay put together. Nothing incredible or mind-blowing, but gets the job done well and in style.
Victor A., 29.06.2017
Coda Zon
These earbuds are really cool for a corded pair. They cancel out noise from outside very well and when using handsfree for a phone conversation its very clear and concise sound. If you like corded earphones these are perfect.
Brandy Richard, 22.06.2017
Coda Zon
I love them, for mid-range headphones, they're sturdy, have good bass, and good sound isolation. Would highly recommend for the price. :)
Derek Gaffney, 18.06.2017
Coda Zon
I love these headphones- lightweight, they stay in place, and sound quality is good.
Vina Isaac, 16.06.2017
Coda Zon
These just arrived earlier today - I am very happy with the sound quality (and I can be picky - I'm a classical musician). The price is right, and I will probably order three more, so we have one in each of the four different colors for me, my wife, and our two sons.I was listening to folk music and then to 20th century orchestral music - both sounded very good to me.
Steve Freides, 14.06.2017
Coda Zon
Great sound. Comfortable and my favorite color
kelly quinnine, 07.06.2017
Coda Zon
I've had a pair of this earphones for like a couple of weeks now. So far I am happy with it. It feels sturdy athough for some reason the curved part of the wire keeps on falling off from my ears but maybe it's just me. Not really something to complain about.Although not on gym, I am using it heavily when making phone calls. I guess, will see how long it'll perform.
Nikko Mina, 03.06.2017
Coda Zon
These are about the best ear buds I've had. They lay flat against my ear which makes these Ailihen Ear Buds most comfortable. If I happen to fall asleep these ear buds will not drill against my outer ear like some do if they stick out. I would recommend these ear buds especially for those who want comfort. Not to mention the sound is super clear and the buds come with 3 sizes of ear pads for the best fit.
Lisa C, 02.06.2017
Coda Zon
These are really great ear buds, comfortable and they fit fantastic. Couple things though, take care of them or they will tangle also the + bass is totally bs they actually sound really decent but the bass is not there as advertised but luckily eq is a thing. Finally I was skeptical of the noise isolation at first, but it was actually on par, not phenomenal but enough where I can't tell what people are saying during a presentation :)
Dynamo, 30.05.2017
Coda Zon
Great sound, it really isolates the noise surrounding you and wraps you up completely with the audio!Bass boost is nice and the feel is comfortable.
Edwin Andre Mejia Chavez, 30.05.2017
Coda Zon
I really like these earbuds! I chose them because of the color. It's my favorite. They are great earbuds too, the sounds quality is good while listening to music & talking on the phone and they are comfortable as well!
Stephanie M., 29.05.2017
Coda Zon
Fit and sound great!
Chelesely, 27.05.2017
Coda Zon
These are good, but not great. The sound is superior to the other inexpensive ear buds that I owned prior to these, but the noise isolating feature is pretty mediocre. I'd buy them again, but wouldn't wear them everywhere.
Electronics Luver, 26.05.2017
Coda Zon
Absolutely stellar. Manufacture, please don't change or update this model because it is absolutely perfect. Great comfort. Great mix of sound. Great look. Do not change or update.
Rich Jay Customer, 24.05.2017
Coda Zon
Really comfortable and great quality! Music is important to me, so these earbuds are working wonders.
Rich Jay Customer, 24.05.2017
Coda Zon
I have just begun using these, but my initial reaction is very positive. I bought them to use for running and other exercise. The wire closest to the earbuds is a little stiffer and formed to fit around your ear.
Mariya, 23.05.2017
Coda Zon
Really good headphones, my favorite part is how well they cancel noise
Rich Jay Customer, 22.05.2017
Coda Zon
good listen but i wish they were waterproof
Kyle, 20.05.2017
Coda Zon
Very comfortable in-ear. The curve future a mixer so that doesn't fall out my ear when I'm exercising. Best feature is how the base is very Punchy but not overpowering the music playing. And I need your place is that it matches my color on my phone
Justin Rosser, 18.05.2017
Coda Zon
Headphones seem to work fine, comfortable fit
timothy m mcbrady, 16.04.2017
Coda Zon
Awesome headphones!!
Rich Jay Customer, 05.04.2017
Coda Zon
I am very impressed with these in ear sports headphones. My ears are very sensitive. These earphones do not cause any ear pain at all. I found the small ear covers fit the best out of the three options that come with the earphones. The material is very gentle to use. No matter how I move around they stay in place and do not fall out of either one of my ears. The sound quality is excellent with no static. I would highly recommend these for anyone.
Bear Bear, 06.03.2017
Coda Zon
Nice sound quality
Amy H, 01.03.2017
Coda Zon
It's great.
Rich Jay Customer, 17.02.2017
Coda Zon
If you don't crank them up for the neighbors to hear they really do sound amazing.
Evets Ikcerohop, 14.02.2017
Coda Zon
The Ailihen headphone is really awesome. I have been using this sports headphone in my jogging for about a month. It fits to my ear well without any tangling, and it allows me to answer a phone call by the button on wire. The light weight makes it very convenient in use.As to the sound, it has a clear sound and quite good bass. I could hear the voice from the other end clearly and enjoy my favorites musics daily. I love it so much.
Jackchen, 10.02.2017
Coda Zon
I've been using these while working out recently, and they suit all my needs. I don't have any complaints, and they work as advertised!
Rich Jay Customer, 07.02.2017
Coda Zon
After spending a week with these on high impact and HIIT workouts, I love them. Bass is solid, and on my test songs I can hear the finer details well. I was told the call quality is better than my headset.
Connie Hill, 28.01.2017
Coda Zon
I love this headphones its very light and fits good to your ear it has a clip that keep the earbud in place plus its noise isolating and its sweat proof so you don't have worries when you work out hard and sweating for its protected..and its made of good quality material that protect from weather sweating..and its hand free calls as with IPhone , smart phones laptop and tablet.let you enjoy with clear sound with this headphones.
Annaliza simpkins, 23.01.2017

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