No matter you are a loyal customer or a qualified reviewer, join in the Ailihen User Group! You will find the Reviewer Program, Power User Program, the Facebook fans page, and also the coming Frugal Family Program below.

If you are a loyal customer, you might be interested in getting a chance to win a gift card or a refund on your original order, check out our Reviewer Program for more information.

If you are a social media lover, a blogger or a qualified reviewer, please join in the Power User Program. You can get the new products for testing and review. We are looking forward to working with you and achieving a win-win!

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What is a reviewer program?

What is a reviewer program?

The Ailihen Reviewer Program is a program which rewards the customers who had purchased our products and left a review on Amazon or our website, no matter it's a good or bad review.

Is it legit?

Of course, it is legit. It is not against the Amazon TOS(Terms of Service). The customers will not receive any information about getting a reward before the purchase. It only happens when a customer writes a review on our website or, we randomly choose a customer to offer a special reward. The only purpose for the program is to encourage more customers to share their experience on our website and Amazon, and to help other buyers to make a purchase decision much easier. We will announce 10 customers who win a prize, or a full refund of the original purchase every month on our Facebook. If we didn't get 10 entries, the winners will be just those who entered. It's more like a sweepstake, right? Please make sure to like and follow our Facebook page.

What I can get from this program if I am selected?

If you are selected, you can receive one of the following rewards below:

A. A full refund of the original order.

B. A free product

Guidelines to apply the reviewer program

Guidelines to apply the reviewer program

A. You must have purchased the Ailihen products and don't get a refund from us or Amazon at the time of participating.

B. We allow the multiple entries. Each order number is one entry. Extra website review or Amazon review won't get you another entry. 

C. You have left an authentic review on our website or on Amazon complying to Amazon community guidelines.

D. As to write an authentic review, please do the best you can to help the community to make the best purchase decision:

  • ·Write about the authentic experience with the product.
  • ·More than 50 words informative review with the pictures or a video if possible.
  • ·Include in the experience with the customer support if there is necessary.

E. After you submit the review, you need to provide the information including in the review link and the order number to apply. 

F. Please make sure the order number and the review link is correct. You can find your order number and review link under your account on If the order number and the review link are incorrect, then the entry is not valid. 

How to submit a review?

Click here

How to find the order number? 

Go to "Your Account" > "Your Orders" > Search

How to find the correct review link?

Click here