AILIHEN M8 Metal in Ear Headphones with Microphone Earbuds for iPhone iPad iPod Tablets Android Smartphones Laptop Computer Mp3/4 (Black)

AILIHEN M8 Metal in Ear Headphones with Microphone Earbuds for iPhone iPad iPod Tablets Android Smartphones Laptop Computer Mp3/4 (Black)

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With multi-sizes soft memory eartips, which will stay in your ears and providing unparalleled noise isolation and hours-lasting comfort.Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones, tablets, Mac, laptop, computers, MP3/4 players and audio devices with a 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone jack.

Enjoy the ultimate in style,comfort and listening pleasure with the M8 stereo earbus.metal body construction stands out with its heavy bass along with crispy sound and durability,offering listener an unique experience you may never had before.Take the smooth compact handful case wherever you go!

1 x Ailihen M8 Earphone
1x Compact Portable Case
1 x Manual Guideline
3 x Pairs of Silicone Eartips(S,M,L)
1 x Shirt clip (attached to the cable)

20 Review(s) for "AILIHEN M8 Metal in Ear Headphones with Microphone Earbuds for iPhone iPad iPod Tablets Android Smartphones Laptop Computer Mp3/4 (Black)"

Coda Zon
Very inexpensive for a pair of this quality. Cables great for not tangling.
Knox White, 09.07.2017
Coda Zon
Love these, they don't tangle, the mic works great and the sound quality is fantastic. Above all, the durability is phenomenal, I go through earbuds crazy fast and this is the most durable brand I have ever had.
Cali Grace, 07.07.2017
Coda Zon
Good earphones so far..ive had them for a month now it hasnt broken and the sound is great!
Rich Jay Customer, 19.06.2017
Coda Zon
I really like these headphones, they have great sound, good bass and are lightweight. The mic works great and its easy to use. The carrying case is a nice touch too. Its a good buy.
Michael Flores, 16.06.2017
Coda Zon
the AILIHEN M8 Metal in Ear Headphones with Microphone Earbuds for iPhone iPad iPod Tablets Android Smartphones Laptop Computer Mp3/4 (Black) are better then most. the sound quality is very good. it comes with 4 different size tips so you can find the fit for yourself. i have tried others that are too big and always popping out. the small fit my ears perfect. the whole look of the headphones is very impresive thin wires that are bearly noticable. bonus is the case that it comes with. keeps them from getting tangles.AILIHEN M8 Metal in Ear Headphones with Microphone Earbuds for iPhone iPad iPod Tablets Android Smartphones Laptop Computer Mp3/4 (Black)
PAMMAP, 10.06.2017
Coda Zon
I have a ton of headphones and earphones, but I keep these next to my computer and use them all the time! They came with a great little case to keep them nice and extra of the soft silicone ear buds! They have great sound with an in-line volume control to use with your phone. I consider these worth the price.
Kindle Customer, 22.05.2017
Coda Zon
Very durable earbuds! I got through headphones so fast so I'm happy these are lasting so long! Usually by now my toddler breaks them or my cat chews through them or they stop working in one ear. This has not been the case at all! They are metal and heavy-duty and the sound is crystal clear. I like that they come in a carrying case it makes it easy to throw them in my purse and not lose them easily. The mic works great as well.
Jessica Kirby, 18.05.2017
Coda Zon
These earphones have become my daily driver for when I need to head to the gym. I own Apple Airpods and I used to use those at the gym. Granted the Airpods are still amazing, but not as good for the gym. The Ailihen M8 earphones stay in my ears no matter what and the sound is far better than I was expecting. The construction is solid and there's in-line controls that make it easy to control with being able to keep my phone in my pocket. It also comes with a nice carrying case, which I throw them in the case often because despite the cord being rubber...they surprisingly don't tangle. They suppress surrounding noise really well also. Cannot recommend these enough. This isn't the first product I have purchased from Ailihen either and it certainly won't be the last. Amazing amazing amazing product.
JD Prevost, 15.05.2017
Coda Zon
These headphones work great! They do not fall out of my ear and are very comfortable. The sound is very clear and the volume is great! These are one of the better pairs of earbuds I've had. ( my kids are always taking mine but I told them they can't have these!)
Amanda Domineske, 14.05.2017
Coda Zon
 I must say, not bad at all! They fit well, sound good, and feel great. The built-in microphone picks up my voice better than my car does. These headphones are easy to use, comes with various sizes of ear foam, and a carrying case. All this on top of a low price and you have yourself a deal. For a more detailed review, take a look at my attached video. Take care and enjoy!
Bobby Techknow, 13.05.2017
Coda Zon
Just got these, sound good. Don't know if they hold up over time this type of headphone has a nasty habit of letting you down when you meed them the most regardless of manufacturer.
Rich Jay Customer, 11.05.2017
Coda Zon
I have two teenagers who seem to break headphones all the time. I've tried cheap ones and some that cost over $100 but the outcome is always the same. I came across these and they had really good reviews so I thought I'd try them. They are very nice looking. They come with several ear tips so they can fit everyone. They even come with a nice leather case to safely store them when not in use. They are easy to charge with the included usb charger. Setting the Bluetooth to your device couldn't be easier. The sound quality is nice and clear. I would definitely recommend this set of headphones to everyone.
Breezy, 09.05.2017
Coda Zon
I absolutely Love these earbuds, they connect easily with my iphone or my android device and the music plays loud and clear!! I love the nice carrying case they come with also. I recommend these to anyone looking for an affordable pair of earbuds with high quality.
Stacy Lewis, 07.05.2017
Coda Zon
Absolutely amazing sound quality!!! I was absolutely STUNNED at how much better they work than my iPhone earbuds, now I only use these!! If you buy these earbuds, you will NOT be disappointed!!! Ordering a second pair for my husband!!
Cassandra Marie, 06.05.2017
Coda Zon
The sound is really clear and the quality is great. They are very durable headphones. I go through headphones like crazy, I constantly misplace them or lose them so I have tried many different brands and I really like these ones.
QuadL, 04.05.2017
Coda Zon
These earphones have really good sound quality. They are very comfortable in my ears, and fit well. Both my husband and I tried them, and we have very different size ears, but we both still thought they were comfortable. I think these are more sturdy and will last longer than some of the other pairs I have bought. I really like the case that goes with it as well.
Anon, 02.05.2017
Coda Zon
I absolutely love these headphones and especially love that they come in a case that I can easily hide from my husband so he doesn't steal these from me too. They work on all my tech toys, which is a huge plus! The sound is also absolutely amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better set!
RDI, 02.05.2017
Coda Zon
I am a music fanatic and a netflix binge watcher, and unfortunately every pair of earbuds i have gotten have shorted out and sound distorted, these earbuds are different i can hear music very clearly, the cords look like they were made with sustainable material which is great, i also enjoyed that i got a cute little storage bag to put then in and i dont have to put them in my pocket and risk breaking them i plan on buying a few more for my nephews.
Nelly Bird, 27.04.2017
Coda Zon
I got these for my daughter. She loves them. They have great sound quality and just the right amount of bass to keep the sound quality very crisp. No distortion at all. They come in a really handy zip up pouch so that she can keep them in her purse or pocket without Bending up the cords and ruining them. Great ear buds!
David Fuller, 27.04.2017
Coda Zon
Buy these earbuds! I was amazed at the sound quality of these earbuds! They are way better than the ones that came with my Apple products. The case is perfect- circular with a zipper to store the headset and the extra buds. Excellent product!
Tonia Billbe, 27.04.2017

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