AILIHEN I60 Bass Headphones with Microphone 3.5mm Lightweight Foldable On ear Adjustable Headsets - Golden

AILIHEN I60 Bass Headphones with Microphone 3.5mm Lightweight Foldable On ear Adjustable Headsets - Golden

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  • 1. High compatible for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Laptop, Mac, DVD players and many other audio devices

  • 2. Noise Isolation: On ear isolation pads perfect for cancelling bus, train, or airplane engine sounds

  • 3. Foldable and lightweight design makes the headphones convenient for use and storage when you are in work, study and travel.The durable folding part have been tested for over 20000 times

  • 4. Large Angle of rotation make sure that it can more fit your wear it .Soft leatherette foam ear pillows ensure supreme comfort


Driver diameter:40mm 
Frequency response:20~20000HZ 
Cord length:1.5m 
Mic Dimension: 4.0*1.5mm 
Frequency response:100~10000HZ 
Plug Type: 3.5mm 
Mic or pause music; 2. answer or end the phone calling. 

Package include: 

1pc Headphones 
1pc warranty card


29 Review(s) for "AILIHEN I60 Bass Headphones with Microphone 3.5mm Lightweight Foldable On ear Adjustable Headsets - Golden"

Coda Zon
I love them so much. Anyone who doesn't try them is a fool. The sound is beautiful & crystal clear. They are super comfortable. Don't be a fool with your try them. :) :):)
Curley Kindle Love, 23.06.2017
Coda Zon
I normally use it for conference calls and it works great. Superior sound quality. Easy folding option. The microphone has very good quality, and I use it to record some of my music. Been using it for five months and still works very well. Highly recommended.
Elaine X., 03.06.2017
Coda Zon
Bought these to replace a very expensive pair that got broken. I should have bought these to begin with. Good quality, they look really nice and my son likes them better than the $65 one he had.
Kindle Customer, 23.05.2017
Coda Zon
Sound quality is great for a non-audiophile. Good bass and soundproofing.After a couple hours though they seem to hurt the sides of my ears from pressing on them. Not sure if it's the shape of my ears or size of my head but I need to take a break every few hours.
S. Gyulie, 23.05.2017
Coda Zon
Love these headphones! They are lightweight and very portable. Easy to use and take with you anywhere. Made of good construction and I like that they are foldable so they take up less space.
Lynne, 27.04.2017
Coda Zon
For the price this is a very good set of headphones. The pair I purchased for my grandson has survived months of use and has outlasted similar other brands.
TechUser, 18.04.2017
Coda Zon
I am a third grade elementary school teacher. One of my students needed to purchase a headset, so I helped him buy one. The choice was 100% his. He looked on the internet for two days until he finally chose his "Gold Ailihen." He thought it was the coolest one out there! I also explained to him that considering the quality, price, and technology he made a great choice.
CTL, 07.04.2017
Coda Zon
Impressive bass response. Great price for comfortable headphones. Only thing missing was a operations manual to explain the inline switch for pause, play, etc. Found information online for a unit similar in design.
S Knapp, 03.04.2017
Coda Zon
This thing is great so far. It's lightweight, sound quality is superb for the price. Earphones are very comfortable as is the adjustable headband. The microphone works, too. It is superior in most respects to the $100 headphones I bought, which has a defective microphone. The only reason for the four stars? Durability is a question mark. The lightweight and low price suggests to me that it's potentially an issue. Yet I did drop it a couple of times on carpet and it seems to be just fine.
Birdman, 29.03.2017
Coda Zon
These are very comfortable and allow me to be in my own musical haven. I use them in a very noisy workplace.
Pisces40ish, 24.03.2017
Coda Zon
My experience with these are amazing. I tested these headphones with and handful of songs, and audio tests. They aren't lying when they say these are good quality headphones, with good bass. I also should mention how I got them replaced when they broke. All I had to do was email support and give them my order number, and they got it delivered. The person I talked to was also very kind. If your looking for affordable, great for their price headphones, these are it.
"Coffee", 23.03.2017
Coda Zon
Durable and good sound. I use them in my car for the children's DVD players. Not a single complaint about fit or sound from the 4, 6, or 11 year old.
J Zingale, 16.03.2017
Coda Zon
Update: The customer service has been great and they got back to me really quickly. The replacement headset works great and I have not had nay issues with it so far.Update: I have had these headphones for a little over 2 months and the mic no longer works on this. I don't extensively use these headphones so I'm not sure why the mic would just go out. I guess you get what you paid for.March review:I have had these headphones for a week now. The sound on it is very good for headphones less than $20. The muffs on them are very comfortable. The mic on it is also very good.
Mariecia Wilkinson, 09.03.2017
Coda Zon
Don't panic when you first open them! They make a horrid cracking noise when unfolding! If you're like me, you'll panic and think you broke them but for the price they aren't bad! I bought these as a gift for someone going on a long plane ride who otherwise never wears headphones so they're great for that purpose. I did try them on when they arrived though and while I'm not sure I would want to wear them regularly for long periods (I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to headphones so take that with a grain of salt!) they are definitely great if you don't wear them often enough to justify spending the big bucks!
Sarah Yarborough, 14.02.2017
Coda Zon
This was a gift for my daughter, and they work and look great! The black box they come in make them look a lot more expensive than they are. They work with the Xbox 1 controller too!
ShMc Ensa, 20.01.2017
Coda Zon
to be honest i never heared if this brand before. just got it 2 days ago. i like the headphones. very solid. the sound is great ( i use it daily). headphones could be folded and length could be adjusted on both sides. the microphone works great. well packaged - could be a good gift. i hope it will last for a long time :)
great, 19.01.2017
Coda Zon
We are happy with these. Sound is good and an affordable price. They extend so if your head is a little bigger they fit well. Me and my husband both use them on our desktop and laptop computer.
Nicole C Mounts, 18.01.2017
Coda Zon
I don't know much about headphones but the sound quality is great. The fact that it folds into itself is really nice for storage or bringing it around. The cord is sturdy and feels like it won't brake. I have not tried out the microphone but I am sure that it will be great like the rest of the product. The only issue I had is that after about 30 min of wearing them, my ears hurt from the pressure. They are a bit too small.
Rich Jay Customer, 17.01.2017
Coda Zon
I don't take the time very often to write a review. I purchased these headphones for my 82 year old dad for Christmas. He needed a pair of headphones to listen to the TV while running on a treadmill. I saw in other reviews that these headphones block out noise that is around you. Even though my dad is a young 82 year old, his hearing is that of a person his age. He loves these headphones and said they really do cut out the noise of the treadmill so he can hear the TV. I am very happy with this purchase!
Rich Jay Customer, 11.01.2017
Coda Zon
Bought these headphones for 11 year old. He loves them and they seem to work well. They are compatible with his Kindle.
Anne B., 03.01.2017
Coda Zon
Overall, this is a cheaper version of those expensive "Beats by Dre" headsets, and it is modeled to look like them. Speaking as a consumer, and as a father, I'd rather not pay $100+ for a brand name, and so I am glad to go with this option rather than the more expensive brand with identical performance.Apart from the looks, the only thing wrong with these headphones is the length of the cord. A slightly longer cord, with some sort of soft plastic bracket to limit the length or draw the cord into a bunch, would really have gone a long way toward hitting the 5-star goal.Sound quality is the same as any non-HD high quality headset. There are not really any noise-cancellation features, other than some padding along the ears, so take that as you will.All-in-all, great headphones for the cost.
Brennon Adams, 29.12.2016
Coda Zon
I wished I knew about this headphones before. They are quite comfortable to wear and carry . Cell phone conversations are head clearly and the noise cancellation feature helps out a lot. These are not Boss quality but a really good buy for the price! I listen to podcast and music with good clarity. I am very happy with this purchase.
SAE, 15.12.2016
Good not great sound quality. Works well enough for intended use.
Sandy RN, 08.12.2016
The shipping was quicker than expected and the headphones exceeded my expectations. My pre-teen is going to LOVE THEM! They are very stylish and seem to be made well. They have a modern "cool" look and are well padded for comfort. I can't say how the sound quality is because they are a Christmas gift but I'll update. I can't believe I found these for the price.
Jessica valiquette, 08.12.2016
Headphones were actually very comfortable, even more comfortable than a MUCH more expensive pair of headphones i owned, and i can wear the AILIHEN headphones longer than i could the expensive pair.

Cancels noise pretty well, almost completely. I can skateboard and not hear the wheels clacking over the sidewalk.

Headphone quality was WAY better than the price leads you to believe, it was almost as good, (like 99% as good) as the WAY MORE EXPENSIVE PAIR i bought.

I've only had them a week or so, so i dont know how long they'll last. I'll update you if/when they break. NOTE: Expensive pair broke six months in.

Overall: Great Headphones, look nice, sound nice, feel nice. The red and black were my favorite color, went with gold though, check all colors before you make your decision.
Matthew, 05.12.2016
Purchased for my 10 year old. At first glance, they look big, but they fit my 10 year old and myself perfectly. Excellent sound and easy to adjust volume control.
Janelle E. Mueller, 05.12.2016
Coda Zon
So I had to really think about how I wanted to review this product. Here goes:What you're getting: Really good $20 headphones.What you're not getting: Really good $50 headphones.If I had just bought these without reading reviews, I would have really liked them. But having read almost unanimous glowing reviews, my expectations were a little higher... and were disappointed. So the details:Style: Apparently this detail matters to people. I think they look cool enough, but I don't really trust my fashion sense, so whatever.Durability: It hasn't broken in the week since Ailihen delivered it. Its construction seems strong enough that I'm not afraid something will break if I sneeze too hard. Will update if I have worse results as time goes on.Sound Quality: I'd score it 8/10, or, "pretty good." I wasn't really looking for more than that, so I'm happy, though reviews lead me to expect better. It seems like they put a lot of effort [succesfully] in having an effective base, and clear trebles. The weakness is with the mids, which sound a bit muddy and indistinct to a picky ear.Comfort: This is my main complaint with these headphones. I was particularly looking for headphones designed/reviewed for comfort, because I've experienced the frustration of constant ear-ache 30 minutes into whatever you're listening to. Description/reviews glowed for the comfort of this product.Well... I got them, and 30 minutes in... ear-ache. They're actually worse than my previous, lower quality earphones. It's improved some since I first got them, as usage has stretched them a little wider so they don't press so tight against my head. But I thought I was buying "comfortable" and I got, "Not as bad as it was at first." In the future, I'll probably limit myself to "Over the Ear" instead of "On the Ear."For anyone interested in the level of noise isolation: I can still hear my baby crying [though muffled], but my wife has repeatedly walked up behind me and scared the crap out of me. So yeah. Take that how you will.
Josh A Jones, 03.12.2016
Coda Zon
It is seriously amazing! The sound and ass go so loud unlike my last pair of headphones, so this is definitely an improvement! And I love the mic so I don't have to take out my phone to answer, especially when it's cold. After a while it does feel a little bit pressure with my ears but I honestly just remove them and then put them back on my ear and the problem's solved. All in all, I would definitely recommend this product!
Rich Jay Customer, 21.11.2016
Coda Zon
I ordered 2 sets. Golden set for me and the black red for my wife . I was very pleasantly surprised. The are well made. The head band is a kind of special material. The padding that sits on the ears is made of a soft vinyl and nicely padded. The earpieces fold in so they are easy to carry with you. The auxillary wire that connects it to your device is wrapped so it doesn't get tangled. It is plenty long enough that when you move around, it doesn't pull the earphones off.The unit itself is lightweight and comfortable.As for the sound quality, it is excellent. I was so surprised. The base is good, but not too much. The sound is crisp and clear. The headphones cancel out background noise pretty well. I had bought my daughter the other brand headphones, which are over £70. Yes, the sound quality is better with them. BUT, not so much better that they are worth the extra money. These are so well worth the money.
Guadalupe Rangel, 21.10.2016

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