AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited Childrens Girls Boys Teens Lightweight Foldable Portable Wired Headsets for School Airplane Travel Cellphones Tablets (Purple)

AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited Childrens Girls Boys Teens Lightweight Foldable Portable Wired Headsets for School Airplane Travel Cellphones Tablets (Purple)

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  • 1.AILIHEN Comfortable Kids Headphones: A must gift headphones with an adorable design and pillow soft headband for ultra comfort. What’s more, memory-protein cushioned earmuffs also help you minimize tiredness

  • 2.Foldable and Portable: Collapsible design provide convenient take out. Fold the headphone up and take it anywhere while you are on airplane, travel or in a car. Just enjoy your music everywhere

  • 3.Adjustable design: Adjustable headband meets the requirement of all head sizes. Lightweight design for kids aged 5 and up, and won’t become their burden. The wonderful sound is matched by standout comfort

  • 4.Inline Microphone: The HD microphone on the braided cable guarantees clear, hands-free communication, with one button to control music play and phone calls

  • 5.Wide compatibility and satisfying warranty: With standard 3.5mm audio jack suitable for listening to music or audiobooks. Compatible with most of the Smartphones, Android Cellphones and Tablets. AILIHEN offers 30 days  money back guaranteeing and 365 days replacement warranty

UPC: 603827903761


Driver diameter:40mm 
Frequency response:20~20000HZ 
Cord length:1.5m 
Mic Dimension: 4.0*1.5mm 
Frequency response:100~10000HZ 
Plug Type: 3.5mm 
Mic Function: or pause music; 2. answer or end the phone calling. 

Package include: 

1pc Headphones 
1pc warranty card


12 Review(s) for "AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited Childrens Girls Boys Teens Lightweight Foldable Portable Wired Headsets for School Airplane Travel Cellphones Tablets (Purple)"

Been using earbuds with laptop, these headphones are much more comfortable and the sound is great!
Linda, 20.07.2017
Carmen, 20.07.2017
Coda Zon
Ok, I admit it. I bought these because I love the colors, but I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent sound quality. They're so much better than earbud. I wear them all day long at work, so after a few hours they become a little bit uncomfortable. Otherwise, I think these are a great purchase, and would definitely recommend them to a friend.
Audrey A. Rice, 01.07.2017
Coda Zon
I've had these headphones for about 4 months now, and so far they've been decent at best. The audio jack was a bit covered in excess plastic which I had to cut off in order to plug in properly. I had discomfort from wearing them probably 2 to 3 hours into listening through them, but I'm not too sure if that's because of its design or if it's because my head is kinda big. The multifunction button and mic work fine. I think the internal wiring has started to break because if the jack gets bent a certain way it'll fade out, but it's still functioning alright. For the price, they're pretty good headphones. I'd recommend these for children or people with maybe a slightly smaller head on a budget for headphones.
ANichi, 24.05.2017
Coda Zon
Item actually came early. Packaged very well and work perfectly. They are a little tight on an adult head but I imagine they will stretch out a bit. Love the leather. I have allergies to different synthetic materials and these don't bother my face or ears at all. The cord is covered (like a shoe string) which is a great feature that I haven't seen before in headphones. No more bent, frayed spots in the wire. The color is vibrant and beautiful. I think my daughter wants to swipe them but I'll just have to get her a pair. I like mine!
mountaindoll51, 20.02.2017
Coda Zon
These are actually on-ear, not over-ear. I felt the distinction was necessary for comfort reasons--On-ear headphones make my ears sore after a while from pressing onto my ears, so for extended use I don't see myself using them, hence the four stars. Otherwise it's a very good product-- I do use them for Skype conversations for work, which is the main reason I bought mic headphones, and the orange color is REALLY REALLY bright, like neon-level. The collapsibility is nice for storage. I'll be looking into getting Over-Ear pads that fit these for comfort purposes.
Cristina, 29.01.2017
Coda Zon
Could easily be a 5 star product for others, but I had to deduct a star as it puts a lot of pressure on your ears making it harder to wear for more than 3 hours at a time, and I bought these for use at my home computer.But for the price, they are very good headphones and deliver nice sound quality, while allowing you to still hear others. I live with my grandparents and so it's important that I hear them if they yell up to me from downstairs.
Alyssa, 11.01.2017
I was immediately drawn to these because I knew my 9 year old daughter would LOVE the colors, and she does. She was so excited to get her own pair of over the ear headphones because she says that sometimes her ears get sore from using the ear buds that she has for school (which they need them to be buds because of space/storage issues) but not at home. She likes that they have very soft ear muffs and she likes that they have noise cancelling features so she can do her thing on her tablet without hearing her brother on his tablet (mom on the other hand has had to learn that she may not hear me if she is wearing them). It does have the ability to pause/play music or answer/end calls but she hasn't had a need to figure that out yet. She said she also likes that the headband part is adjustable.
Even though space is not an issue, I like that these fold up nicely as you can see in the picture because it makes them more compact for when we are traveling.
I really like that the cord is covered with a braided fabric so that they can stand up to any abuse that a child does to it by twisting and wrapping and not break like has happened with plastic cords.
Addicted Shopper, 06.12.2016
This is my second time buying these headphones as my first pair was taken from me ( from a family member who fell in love with them). So I decided to buy another pair so I could have my own headphones again.

The first thing you will notice about these headphones versus others of similar price points, is that these ones can be folded in. Personally, I can take or leave this feature.

Next, is They are more comfortable than some I have bought in the past. This feature I love!!! Extra padding = less pain. Always a plus.

I know that in the advert, these are show cased as being more for kids, but they fit my head just fine and my husband's as well. And why should the kids get all the fun?

The sound quality is okay. Not bad but not the best out there either. However, for around twenty bucks, I am not going to complain since it gets the job done.

Another cool feature is the optional mic. You can turn it on or off by pushing a little button that's located on the wire. And it's compatible with my phone so I like it.

Last but certainly not least is the color. I got the hot pones. Love the color!!!

Obviously I like these headphones since this is my second time purchasing them. For the price I think you can't go wrong. Only downside I can see with these that may pose an issue is when you go to adjust them, you have to pull on them to lengthen them and when you do this they feel a bit stiff and make a clicking noise, which I think might be Normal for this type of phones
George, 05.12.2016
Coda Zon
I have had it for about a month now and everything works just fine. It will change tracks on your smart phone, meaning music by pushing the button on the microphone. The telephone side of the works excellent as well. It fits very well over the head and is very comfortable. The only small drawback is is a little bit lacking in bass, but I guess that's to be expected for the price. I really wanted something that would change my musical tracks without having to take my smart phone out of my pocket and was also very comfortable. I would say that this is a very nice unit for traveling outdoors and going places. If you're looking for something just to listen to music to at home, I would recommend a more powerful bass response headphone system. But everything works and messy important thing. You push the button twice no changes to the next track, whether you have a your system on shuffle or you are playing an entire album. So everything works fine.
Jeffrey Seelman, 12.09.2016
Coda Zon
My daughter tends to really go through headphones - she's rough on them. Part of the issue is she tends to fiddle with the cords when using them - twisting, bending, etc. and then she ends up losing sound quality or one speaker quits entirely. These are holding up great though! There is only one cord going to one side, with the wires to the other speaker embedded in the part that holds them on your head/ears. The cord is also thick and seemingly wraps the wires better so less likely to break. She also finds the sound quality to be very good and she's picky about that. They're also comfortable and quite cute (she has the hot pink and black ones).
K. Salinger, Holistic Nurse PractitionerTOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE, 10.08.2016
Coda Zon
I bought these for my daughter to use with her Samsung NoteTab 4. At first they did not work, but it was a setting on the tablet; so make sure to check all the settings first if they seem not to work.First impression was well built and soft ear cups. They did not work initially, as stated above, with her tablet, so I plugged them into my LG G3 and turned on some tunes. I was not expecting the clarity and volume of the sound. I cranked it up and really no discernible distortion at full volume. The cord length is adequate, but it does tend to tangle up. There is also no protection at the cord junction to the ear cup, so hopefully the cord does not get pulled out or bent and shorted.She uses them all the time, since April, and they are still holding shape and comfort. The sound has not deteriorated and she still folds them up without any issues. She has a habit of letting things lay about and sometimes get sat on when left on the couch under a blanket. They are still in one piece and working great.For the clarity and volume of sound, the durability, and the price these are a great buy - out weighs potential issues one might run into with the cord.
Jason P, 20.06.2016

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